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I have a great idea, why would I want to work with Origin?

As one of Australia’s leading energy companies, we serve more than 4 million customers across the country to meet their electricity, gas, LPG and broadband needs. We can give your idea or solution a major boost by trialling your idea with our customer base, with potential to take it further if successful.

We have been working with start-ups for a number of years and have evaluated more than 2,500 applications through various channels. This means we have become pretty efficient at evaluating ideas and helping you distil what you do into terms that our teams can easily relate to;

As a founding member of global start-up accelerator program, Free Electrons, we are part of a global ecosystem of innovative energy utilities. This means we can give you exposure to international markets, many of whom are facing similar energy challenges to Australia;

We have expertise across many functions to provide guidance and mentorship to scaling businesses. We also appreciate that speed and agility is important, so for successful applications we can provide access to the relevant teams and get them engaged from the outset;

Whilst we are not a traditional corporate venture firm, we have and will consider investment in solutions that offer a compelling strategic advantage for both parties.

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What are we looking for in a startup?

We’ll assess each company on an individual basis, but broadly speaking, we are looking for:

Solutions that are a step-change improvement on what’s available in the market today – more than an incremental improvement on an existing product;

Ideas that have moved beyond concept but are not necessarily fully commercial or widely deployed – in fact, we want to work with companies that are still scaling and open to new directions;

A great team willing to work collaboratively with us to solve tough challenges;

Leaders who can articulate what they do best across the spectrum of their activities – we want to know what sets you apart from your competitors;

Ideas that don’t necessarily have their roots in energy but can be transferred and applied to use cases relevant to Origin and our customers.

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