Australians Transforming Energy

Our landscape is rapidly changing, with the convergence of energy and data putting customers right at the centre of this new ecosystem.

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Originate is Origin's newest initiative targeting startups and small businesses, to help us with new ideas and solutions to deliver energy that is cleaner, smarter and more intuitive for our customers.

Originate is our open innovation initiative – helping us to connect, collaborate and co-develop solutions with startups and small businesses.

We aim to complement existing programs already available in the ecosystem, offering selected startups access to our executives and subject matter experts to explore ways of working together.  

For the right businesses, we can help take your ideas to the next level via specific feedback, procurement, trials or potential investment.  

We will work with selected teams on bespoke solutions, connecting you with customers, capital and deep domain expertise as required.  

We are ready to transform the future of energy TODAY.

Areas of Interest

Although we are Australia’s leading energy retailer, we are constantly striving to improve and make energy more affordable, more sustainable, smarter and easier.

This means we are always on the lookout for new ideas and solutions that can help us get energy right. For our customers. For our communities. For the planet. 

So we are interested in hearing from innovative companies working in the following areas:

Renewables, energy storage and green fuels

Electrification of everything – including but not limited to transportation

Convergence of data and energy

Carbon solutions

Actually, this list only scratches the surface, so if you think you can assist Origin, even if your area of expertise is not listed above, please reach out by Applying Now

We will regularly update this section to include hot topics and areas of interest as they arise, so watch this space!

As one of Australia’s leading energy companies, we serve more than 4 million customers across the country to meet their electricity, gas, LPG and broadband needs.

We’ve been collaborating with startups for a number of years and have reviewed thousands of applications. So, we’re experienced in the area of utility/startup collaborations.

Take a look at what Originate is all about in the below video and head to our Work with Us page to find out what we are looking for in a startup and why you should want to work with us.